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Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels

Limestone based cast stone allows us to offer the highest quality cast stone fireplace mantels. A real stone like appearance & feel paired with our vast fireplace mantel design collection.

Discover the Advantages of our Limestone Cast Stone:
Experience the exceptional qualities of our Limestone Cast Stone, expertly crafted to embody the authentic essence of natural limestone. By utilizing pure natural limestone as the primary ingredient in our cast stone matrix, we ensure that our products inherit the texture, color, and visual allure that is synonymous with this remarkable natural material.

Seamless mantel shelves and jambs are made possible by our casting process. Allowing you to avoid the stacked seamed precast look most manufacturers offer. Ours is a cut limestone look.

Our seamless mantel shelves and jambs are the result of our advanced casting process. Unlike other manufacturers who offer stacked seamed precast designs. We provide a cut limestone look that eliminates visible mid element seams.

Distinguishing Features of Our Limestone Cast:

  1. Cast sets itself apart from precast and other types of cast stone. Unlike precast, which is essentially cast concrete with similar aggregate components, our Limestone Cast avoids cheap fillers like sand and crushed rocks. Instead, we meticulously source pure United States mountain limestone, resulting in a more costly production process that ultimately yields truly remarkable outcomes.
  2. This is not precast or cast concrete.
  3. Refined finish from decades of experience.

What is Cast stone?
Cast stone, also referred to as reconstructed or artificial stone, is an ingenious man-made material that beautifully emulates the look and feel of natural stone. By blending crushed stone or aggregates with a reliable bonding agent, we can expertly cast the mixture into molds, creating stunning architectural elements.

Cast Stone vs Natural Stone:
The Benefits of cast stone offers a range of advantages over natural stone.

  1. Its color and texture can be finely controlled during the manufacturing process, ensuring a more consistent appearance.
  2. Additionally, cast stone is lightweight and easier to handle, making it a favored choice for a variety of architectural applications, including columns, balustrades, fireplace mantel surrounds and range hoods.
  3. Easier to install than natural stone.

Cast Stone Maintenance
Start with gentle dusting using a dry cloth. For minor stains, opt for a damp cloth. Persistent marks may succumb to a watered-down, non-corrosive cleaning stone solution. When grappling with stubborn stains, tap into the wisdom of local stone specialists. Prevent stains by being mindful of items that could leave marks. Regular mantel check-ups ensure swift action on wear or damage. 

What is limestone?
Limestone is a captivating natural sedimentary rock, predominantly comprises calcium carbonate. Renowned for its diverse color palette, including white, gray, beige, and yellow, limestone often showcases distinctive patterns and fascinating fossils, adding to its inherent visual charm.

With its soft and porous nature, limestone offers excellent workability, enabling artisans to shape and manipulate it with relative ease. Throughout history, limestone has proven its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, making it an enduring choice as a premium building material.

Experience the unparalleled allure of our Limestone Cast Stone, meticulously crafted to surpass your expectations and elevate the beauty of your architectural projects. Shop our designs or a bespoke cast stone fireplace mantel.