Artisan Kraft| Delivery


Before your goods are shipped, they undergo two thorough inspections to ensure their quality and proper delivery. This process includes a meticulous examination of the product to check for any damages or defects. We take great pride in the quality of our goods and strive to ensure that they meet the highest standards before they are shipped out. You can trust that your goods will arrive in excellent condition, ready for installation and enjoyment in your space.


  1. Delivery Method: We offer curbside LTL delivery for all residential and commercial job sites. This means that the driver will unload the product at the curb of your home or commercial job site. Please note that this delivery service is not a white glove interior delivery of the product. For stone marble bathtubs a forklift is required to unload or a truck level dock.
  2. Inspect the goods: Goods are securely packaged in a wood crate. Once the crate is delivered, open the top of the crate and properly inspect the goods in the unlikely chance of damage. Before you sign the delivery receipt, if there is any damage, mark it on the BOL (Bill of Lading), which is the slip of paper the driver has you sign. All damage must be noted on the BOL and reported to us within 24 hours.
  3. Reporting Damage: In the rare case that damage occurs in shipment, we will work with you to replace the damaged pieces or product as long as it is noted on the BOL and reported to us within 24 hours.
  4. New Construction Job Sites: New construction job sites are recommended to have a forklift on site to remove materials. Please make sure that you have proper equipment on site to receive and remove the goods.
  5. Lift Gate Truck: Some residential and commercial sites may not have a lift gate truck available, and it is the customer's responsibility to have a forklift on site or the ability to safely and properly remove the product from the truck.
  6. Heavy Materials: Please note that the individual pieces of the goods can weigh up to several hundred to several thousand pounds, as they are made of stone or cast stone. We recommend having a couple of people on site who are able to handle and lift heavy materials.
  7. On-Site Assistance: Goods, especially stone marble bathtubs, can be quite heavy (several thousand pounds). Therefore, we strongly recommend equipment i.e. forklift, dollies and having a few people on-site to help move the bathtub into your home.
  8. Delivery Timeframe: All delivery timeframes and indications provided by us of goods are provided only as an estimate and are subject to change. We accept no liability whatsoever for late deliveries.
  9. Liability: We accept no liability for late deliveries, damages incurred during transit, or damages caused by improper installation or use of the goods. It is your responsibility to ensure that your goods are installed properly and in accordance with local building codes and regulations.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a successful and safe delivery of your fireplace mantel. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.