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Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel Install Guide

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantel Install Guide

Cast Stone Range Hood Install Guide


Click on the links above for step by step installation guides. Cast stone fireplace mantel installation guide provides the install information as well as the tools and materials needed. The Natural stone guide is for marble fireplace mantels, limestone, sandstone and travertine. Range hood guide is geared towards our cast stone decorative hoods.

As with all install guides these are only meant as a guide. Consult with your installer and local building codes to properly secure the products. Additional steps may need to be taken depending on your specific space and the material you ordered. Depending on the weight and place where the item is being installed bracing maybe required.

All installation supplies/materials to be provided by client and or clients installer. These include items such as screws, adhesives, thin set, caulk, wood, brackets and so on. 

Various trades have experience with cast stone and natural stone products like ours. These include local stone mason, tile installer, handyman or landscaper. They generally will have the necessary tools to install.

Important Note: These installation guides are intended for an experienced and competent person. Installers assume all risk when completing installation on their own. Never attempt an installation alone. Please have your installer call with any questions. Check all local codes.