Portland Cast Stone Mantel


This contemporary cast stone fireplace mantel features a sleek and sophisticated geometric design with stepped profile. The geometric design, with its stepped profile, exudes a sense of architectural balance and precision. It is a tribute to the power of minimalist aesthetics.

Made in USAMade in USA

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Select Size: M: 70″
Overall: 65"W x 49‑1/2"H x 4‑1/8"D
Opening: 38"W x 36"H
Hearth: 67"W x 18"D x 1.25"H
Matching filler to accommodate your firebox
Overall: 70"W x 50‑1/2"H x 4‑1/8"D
Opening: 43"W x 37"H
Hearth: 72"W x 18"D x 1.25"H
Matching filler to accommodate your firebox
Overall: 75"W x 52‑3/8"H x 4‑1/8"D
Opening: 45"W x 37‑3/8"H
Hearth: 77"W x 18"D x 1.25"H
Matching filler available to accommodate your firebox
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Recommended fireplace size based on your approximate firebox:
32" - 36" - Small-Medium
38" - 42" - Medium
44"+ - Medium-Large

Portland Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel boasts a sleek feel. A contemporary design with clean even lines and steps. Complements a variety of modern spaces. Its modern aesthetic is perfect for those who appreciate minimalist style and desire a focal point that is both understated and visually striking. The mantel can be crafted from a range of materials, including marble, limestone, or cast stone, to fit seamlessly into any interior design scheme.

Overview - Dimensions Guide for Fireplaces

  • Approximate lead time is 3-4+ weeks
  • Delivery is curbside with lift gate
  • Mantels require assembly
  • Inspect prior to signing off
  • More detailed info click here: Delivery
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