Greenwich Cast Stone Mantel


Corbel leaf centered in between arched inset panels mirroring each other on this cast stone fireplace mantel. The result is nothing short of architectural poetry, an embodiment of timeless elegance. Greenwich is a supreme example of an arched mantel.

Made in USAMade in USA

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Select Size: S: 66″
Mantel Shelf: 66‑3/4"
Mantel Height: 52‑7/8"
Mantel Depth: 12‑1/4"
Opening Height: 33‑1/8"
Opening Width: 27‑5/8"
+Includes sized hearth
Mantel Shelf: 72‑3/4"
Mantel Height: 54‑7/8"
Mantel Depth: 12‑1/4"
Opening Height: 35‑1/8"
Opening Width: 33‑5/8"
+Includes sized hearth
Mantel Shelf: 78‑3/4"
Mantel Height: 54‑7/8"
Mantel Depth: 12‑1/4"
Opening Height: 35‑1/8"
Opening Width: 39‑5/8"
+Includes sized hearth
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Recommended fireplace size based on your approximate firebox:
32" - 36" - Small-Medium
38" - 42" - Medium
44"+ - Medium-Large

The Greenwich Fireplace Surround has impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail making this piece a timeless addition to any home. At the heart of this cast stone fireplace mantel lies a striking corbel leaf that commands attention, framed by arched inset panels that elegantly mirror one another. The result is a transitional masterpiece that flawlessly combines classic design elements with modern style.

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  • Approximate lead time is 3-4+ weeks
  • Delivery is curbside with lift gate
  • Mantels require assembly
  • Inspect prior to signing off
  • More detailed info click here: Delivery
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