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Handy Tips for Buying a Bathtub

Your decision to buy a new bathtub is likely to be motivated by a need for the luxury that only a bathtub can provide, when compared to simply functional overhead showers. Furthermore, the need to invest in a bathtub can also arise owing to the need to replace your existing bathtub that does not match the interiors of your bathroom or is damaged in some way. No matter the motivation for buying a new bathtub; these handy tips are sure to be of great help in the purchasing process. Read further to know more.

Bathtub Material

Bathtub Material – Bathtubs come in a wide range of materials including travertine, limestone, granite and even metals such as copper. It is worth considering the material your bathtub is made from, as it is closely connected to other deciding factors revolving around a bathtub purchase. The material your bathtub is made from, determines its durability, weight and even maintenance. As such, the material of a bathtub is of primary importance, and should guide any bathtub purchase decision. Likewise, material often determines cost, for example; the marble bathtub price is likely to exceed that of a sandstone or granite bathtub.

Bathtub Shape- Your bathtub could be oval, round or even rectangular. The shape you choose should be determined by your personal comfort and the aesthetics you prefer.

Dimensions of Your Bathroom – The dimensions of your bathtub should match the dimensions of your bathroom. You need to consider the bathroom space, walls, and corners, while determining the shape and size of your bathtub. You definitely want your new purchase to be the perfect fit for your bathroom, and as such; it is important to bear in mind factors related to the dimensions of your bathroom when correlated to the shape and size of your intended bathtub purchase.

Bathtub Weight – Bathtub weight determines whether you can opt for a freestanding bathtub or require supporting structures to prevent damage to your bathroom floors. Usually, travertine, marble, granite and limestone bathtubs tend to be heavier than the metal variations. However, you can opt for marble, limestone, travertine and granite freestanding bathtubs, that are often custom made to meet your needs.

Bathtub Maintenance – As mentioned before, the material with which your bathtub is made, determines maintenance measures. Metal bathtubs are likely to require polishing and may be susceptible to damage owing to the abrasive nature of certain bath salts. Copper bathtubs are often damaged due to corrosion caused by bath salts. Similarly, stone, marble and granite bathtubs are likely to require special cleaning measures. Mainly not using abrasive cleaning products to insure the beauty and longevity of the baths.

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