Some of the most beautiful monuments around the world have been constructed from marble and cast stone. The Taj Mahal in India, is a brilliant example of old school opulence on a grand scale and more often than not, we aspire to incorporate such elements of grandeur and opulence in our homes.

Most people do so by borrowing from the aesthetics and décor of wondrous monuments around the world boasting of architectural finer points and defined by construction materials such as precious marble and aesthetic cast stone.

Bearing this in mind, this blog aims to shed light on marvelous marble and cast stone fittings that can add an air of luxury and grandeur, even to modern homes. Read further to know more.

Columns and Capitals 

If you are looking to borrow from old-school architectural fine points to give your home that air of grandeur and opulence; consider the aesthetic value of columns and capitals indoors and outdoors. You can opt for marble fireplace columns that perfectly compliment your marble fireplace. If you wish to elevate the aesthetic value of the outdoors on your private property, consider cast stone column capitals that surely add to the aesthetic value of your residential or commercial estate.

Fireplace Surround 

If you are looking to incorporate the opulence of marble or cast stone into your living space, there is no better area than your fireplace. A Carrara marble fireplace surround can instantly elevate the aesthetic value of your living room space. However, there are equally appealing fireplace mantel and surround options you can choose from, including but not limited to cast stone fireplace mantels and surrounds and Italian marble fireplace mantels and surrounds.

Colors and Texture 

Both cast stone and marble can add color and texture to your home décor. Marble comes in a wide range of colors such as pink, beige, white, green and ivory among others, while cast stone also comes in similar shades. Cast stone has an aesthetic rough texture, while marble has smooth texture and veiny appearance. It is the minutiae of cast stone and marble that lends to their appeal and as such, they make for excellent home additions and fittings such as fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds, kitchen range hoods, flooring and bathtubs, columns and capitals.


It must be noted, that to preserve the beauty and aesthetics of cast stone and marble home fittings and additions; these fittings and additions must be maintained with care. It is necessary to avoid cleaning measures that have a corrosive effect on these materials and they must be handled with care to avoid chipping and breakage.

In conclusion, bearing in mind the aesthetic value of cast stone and marble, your need for marble and cast stone fittings and additions in your home; are best met by the experts at Artisan Kraft Fireplaces. Head to for an extensive inventory of home fittings and décor that truly meet your need for greater living space aesthetics.