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Trusted manufacturer of stone fireplace mantels, bathtubs, range hoods, sinks & architectural elements.

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Masterfully hand crafted solid natural stone marble bathtubs.

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Timeless handmade stone marble bathroom & kitchen sinks.

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Natural materials exclusively sourced from select quarries

Unique natural stone blocks with distinctly identifying characteristics. Italian Carrara marble, limestone, travertine & more marbles. We source our limestone in the USA for our Cast stone.


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Bespoke custom products made from marble, cast stone and limestone by the most skilled artisans in the trade. Fireplace mantel, kitchen range hoods, bathtubs, sinks & more made-to-order for your custom project.

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Artisan Kraft is the premier U.S. fabricator & suppler of stone elements for 20+ years.


We aspire to offer impeccably crafted home furnishings that serve as timeless artistic complements to your living space, enriching it for generations to come. Your home is a reflection of you. Knowing that we put special carer into our fireplace mantels, bathtubs, range hoods, sinks and more architectural products that are installed in your home.


Our handcrafted natural stone products feature beautiful fine lines that combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, perfectly tailored to meet your architectural requirements. Choosing the highest quality limestone for our cast stone allows for longterm functionality. Our marble, limestone and travertine blocks are hand selected and inspected for quality.


We manufacture architecturally sound stone elements in the United States, ensuring quality. Our bespoke imported natural marble products are carefully selected to meet your unique requirements. We import various natural stone blocks and finished products from various regions of the world. Our cast stone is USA sourced limestone and made in Chicago, IL.


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Learn about stone care, installation, delivery, ordering process and more. Questions about how to clean a cast stone fireplace mantel. The east care and maintenance of a stone marble bathtub. And the functional beauty a cast stone kitchen range hoods adds to a kitchen.

Choosing a fireplace mantle: A prudent task

Our goal is to provide impeccably crafted home furnishings to enhance and artistically complement your home. Discover ways to add value to your home with a modern marble fireplace mantel. A timeless French style marble mantel or a Traditional English Tudor might be the prefect fit for you. Learn great tips and ideas for selecting the right fireplace size and style or if a custom option is best.

Fireplace Design Trends for 2023

Stay up to date on the latest designs: Fluted cast stone fireplace mantels and modern Reeded Carrara marble mantel surrounds are in demand. Bolection modern fireplaces are a mainstay ever since imperial France. The Beveled design with its sleek slopes is sure to capture attention in any space. We make sure our designs and quality of work are not only popular but timeless.