– Here’s What You Need to Know

In times gone by, an aesthetic indoor fireplace made from marble or cast
stone was a sign of wealth and affluence. Only the wealthy could boast
of fireplaces within their homes, while the rest often depended on
rudimentary heat sources. In modern times, fireplaces are much more
common due to the easy availability of marble and other materials that
were very expensive and difficult to source in times gone by.
Furthermore, in a quest for greater aesthetics in the home space, many
individuals are opting to replace quintessentially functional centralized
home heating systems that are fueled by gas and electricity, with old-
school fireplaces that add to the aesthetics of a home while also meeting
the need for heating in the living room space. While, those planning to
install a fireplace in their homes for the first time often depend on
professionals to get the job done; it does help to have a working
knowledge of fireplaces before doing so. Bearing this in mind; here is an
overview of what you need to know about fireplaces.
Surrounds and Mantels
The surround of your fireplace is the cast stone or marble structure that
supports this installation in your living room space, while the mantel is
the upper portion on which people often choose to place decorative
items, family pictures, and art pieces. You could opt for a modern cast
stone fireplace that boasts of a cast stone surround and mantel, you
could even opt for a limestone fireplace surround, or that of the marble
variation; the choice is based on your preferred aesthetics and budget. It
helps to know that marble is often more expensive than cast stone or
limestone, and all of the three boasts of distinctly varying aesthetics.
The fireplace is often the preferred space in the living room for
extensive décor items and accessories. Prominent examples of these are
as listed below.

 Art works placed on the fireplace mantel.
 Utility based yet aesthetics fireplace toolsets placed beside the
 Decorative statues and figurines are often placed on a fireplace
 And so are framed family photographs, mirrors and flower
To keep a fireplace burning and to ensure proper heating; you need to
invest in fireplace tools and accessories, alongside fireplace installation.
These tools and accessories are as listed below.
 Fireplace Screen – to buffer against heat and smoke
 Fireplace Pokers – especially needed for wood-fuel based
 Bellow – used to deliver air to the fireplace
 Andirons – to place wooden logs on
 Spade – for tending the fireplace flames
 Tongs – to collect smoldering embers for disposal
 Broom – to clean out your fireplace
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