Why would someone want to purchase a stone bathtub? Simply put they are stunningly beautiful. Seeing natural stone in person would convince anyone that it is the superior building and design material. There is an inherently human reason that people refer to it as “real” stone. There is something about the realness of marble, limestone, travertine and granite that draws people to it. That has been the case for thousands of years.

You have to like the thing that you are putting into your home. That is very important. Not only does the item have to be of good quality and useful but you simply have to like what you have. Sometimes we get carried away with the purchases that we make and start to think what will the next homeowner think of this purchase? Will this add resale value to my house? When simply you should think of the space you are designing for yourself. And yes, please will like the marble tub installed in you home and it will add value to your home.

Natural stone bathtubs

They were the primary source of personal cleanliness in the homes or palaces of old. It can be argued that natural stone is the original material used to make baths. It was a readily available material that is highly durable. Old Roman baths are to this day being dug up at archeological sits and they are in great condition. That speaks to the longevity of the material.

The natural beauty that a natural product posses is worth seeing. It’s a way of bringing the outdoors inside. Creating a free flowing space. Architects have long been using this technique to create a sort of tranquil feeling that one has being in nature. Marble has a beautiful design that can forever be appreciated. That is why it is a material that is used across all design styles ranging from modern to traditional French. The fact that contemporary and English Tudor styles both choose to use natural materials speaks to the versatility of natural stone.

Choose from many designs and styles. Here is a list of some: Round, Square, Slipper, Double Slipper, Clawfoot, and Rectangular to list a few. They can be installed as freestanding or into a wall. Either way their presence will be seen. There’s a reason that the worlds top hotels, resorts and spas have natural stone freestanding tubs. This would include marble, limestone, travertine, and granite. They may have copper bathtubs that Artisan Kraft also offers.

View natural stone bathtubs on display at Artisan Kraft’s Chicago showroom. There you can also view a great selection of marble fireplaces and cast stone mantels. Sinks and cast stone range hoods are also staged at the Chicago Showroom.