A fireplace is synonymous with comfort and warmth, which we crave during the winter months. Sitting in front of the crackling fire sipping from a cup of hot cocoa while reading your favorite classic or listening to Claire de Lune, can anything get better than that? However, for that vision to transition into reality, you need to install quality cast fireplaces or an elegant modern marble fireplace, to keep the fire roaring through the wintery evenings.

Essential Tips to Buy a Fireplace

Buying a fireplace is easier said than done. Multiple factors need your consideration before you finally decide on the style and material you prefer and buy the fireplace followed by installation. If you are a first-time buyer, here are a few points regarding the things you need to consider before buying the fireplace.


How much are you ready to spend on your fireplace? Your estimate should include both buying and installation charges. Other than that you also need to invest in the mantel, natural stone or cast stone fireplace surrounds, and fireplace accessories like frame, pokers, tongs, etc. If it is a wood or pellet fireplace then there are additional costs related to the construction of the initial outlay and the chimney. You need to consider all those budgetary aspects and fix an amount as your fireplace investment.

Energy Source

Next is the decision on the energy source, which means that you would have to choose between wood, pellets, gas, bioethanol, and an electric fireplace. For a traditional fireplace, you can either choose wood or pellets. If you want more cost-effective options without the conventional feel, then you can buy gas and electric fireplaces.

Heat Level

The amount of heat needed to warm up your room would determine the size of the fireplace and the structure of the vent and chimney. It usually depends on the total square foot of the room where the fireplace will be installed. Apart from that, the general weather condition of your location matters as well. It is best to consult a professional before making this consideration.


Lack of ventilation in a fireplace becomes a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard for the people inside the home. While the wood and pellet fireplaces have chimneys to release the smoke outside, in gas fireplaces, that function is fulfilled by vents. One should not compromise on the appropriate ventilation when buying a fireplace.


Now let’s talk about the material. There are two general categories, which are natural stone and cast stone fireplaces. Under natural stone you would get marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and likewise. Cast stone is a faux-stone, a mixture of cement and aggregates that are put in a cast to mimic the look and finish of the stone. The price point is the only major point of distinction between the two varieties.

Fireplaces, irrespective of them being made from natural stone or cast stone, are significant investments. So, one should be careful about where they are buying it from. Speaking of reliable manufacturers and online stores, here’s one you should check out. Artisan Kraft is a top online store for fireplaces and other home fittings like marble sinks for bathroom, copper and stone tubs, limestone range hood, stone pillars, and likewise. The fireplace collection ranges from natural stone to cast stone with diversity in style and patterns. The quality is considered best in the industry available at very reasonable prices.