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The fantastic ways of designing an elegant French home

There is simply something about French décor that feels effortless. French décor is hard to replicate because people are often afraid to mix styles and when they do, they simply overdo it. French homes invite opulence but with a subtle stroke of simplicity. French-inspired spaces look decorative and discerning with a hint of regal accents. No wonder they have become the ultimate style goals for today’s décor enthusiasts.

Are you looking forward to creating a French décor with rustic vent hoods and antique surroundings? Then here are some ideas to give your home that he ne sais quois vibe.

A French Fireplace

If you think that you must have an old home to have a stunning fireplace, then you are mistaken. You can get one of those intricately designed French fireplaces to turn your basic fireplace into a French masterpiece. The vintage-inspired fireplaces combined with contemporary art and a vintage rug can create an iconic appeal for your space.

A gleaming mirror in your fireplace room

If you own a giant Travertine fireplace or something that is bold enough to cover your room or make it cramped, then you can get a decorative gold mirror to be hung over your mantel. It can make your space look much bigger, your space will look more open and a mirror can add glamor to your ambiance.

A framed print to get in the allure

A framed print can be the ultra-easy way to infuse a Parisian personality into your home. Get a vintage-inspired French poster, frame it and place it on your cast stone mantel shelfor hang them. It will look splendid. You can also lean into the laissez-faire attitude and prop large framed pieces against the wall to create a French statement in your home.

A gleaming chandelier in your fireplace room

If you are designing a French-inspired home, then a chandelier is a must-have. Especially, the chandeliers in gold look heavenly or dreamy when you have a glided mirror above the mantel. Both the accents complement each other effortlessly and you can create the illusion of luxury by doing so without burning a hole in your pocket.

Fireplace tools and rugs for the details

A French fireplace mantel surrounds paired with a vintage rug make it easier to mix the accents of old and new. Adding some Fireplace tools besides your fireplace can highlight how you can combine functionality with details and creativity. Fireplace tools can help to keep your fireplace tidy and with some distressed French furniture you can complete the overall French look.

The bottom line

A classic French home is the embodiment of elegance which is merged with a country, rustic aesthetic. An ideal French home creates a balance between beauty and comfort. Integrating Italian fireplaces in your home can evoke the French charm and make your home feel welcoming. Fireplaces can be the hymn of your French ambiance, just ensure to get large fireplace surrounds that can make a statement in your aesthetics.

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