Chandeliers and elaborate candelabras, intricate carvings on the furniture, ornate marble fireplace mantels in the living room, ivory beds with fine detailing, and classic copper soaking tubs in the bathroom. What image do all these elements evoke in your mind?

It’s the classic Victorian style décor, perfect for adding a royal flair to your home interiors. If your preference lies in the traditional, then nothing can match the beauty of the classic Victorian interior design ideas. You can transform your home, creating a time-bubble of your own, going back to the old days of grandeur.

Victorian Décor Ideas for Your Home

Are you thinking of renovating your living space adding the Victorian style and elements, here are a few things to try:


The fireplace is the central attraction of your living room. Since the Victorian Era is all about elaborate patterns and intricate designs, choose marble or a modern cast stone fireplace that befits the style. Avoid straight contemporary lines and go all out with curves and ornate patterns. White with a touch of gold brings out that classy elegance the Era is famous for. The mantelpiece should be equally gorgeous, which you can decorate with extravagant centerpieces or maybe a painting of that time.

Ivory, brass, gilded metal are the materials that you should go for. Out the bold and vibrant; play with the soothing shades or pastels or neutral shades for the walls. As mentioned before, every element should create a balance when placed together. You should avoid creating a cacophony of contrasting elements in your décor, especially when planning the living room.


Wood or metal, whatever you fancy, goes well with the décor. However, you need to pay attention to the styles and patterns of the furniture. It should not be too contemporary as that won’t fit well with your central theme. Chest drawers and breakfronts, extravagant detailing, and carvings on the furniture befit Victorian sophistication.

Bath Fittings

The bathroom is the most intimate place of a home and needs special care and attention when planning the décor. Speaking of the Victorian Age, copper tubs were more common than stone tubs, with exquisitely carved legs. However, if you can find a stone bathtub that comes with those traditional design elements then, that seems like a good enough choice for your bathroom as well. Make sure that the other bath fittings complement the tub. Here you can try metal fittings with a copper or rose gold finish to match the beauty of the stone or copper tub.

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