What is the function of fireplace mantels? Are they just for show, or do they have an important role to play in bringing together the structure of a fireplace? The answer is both, depending on how you want to use the mantel. After buying a beautiful Italian or French marble fireplace, you also need to go through matching marble mantels.

Mantels have both utility value and aesthetics enhancing features that add a glam factor to your interior décor. There are multiple ideas to explore for decorating your charming French or Bolection fireplace mantel. Given under are a few options to try:

Contemporary Touch

The contemporary style is all about simplicity and minimalism. If you are a fan of defined straight vertical and horizontal lines and decluttering, go with the contemporary look. Place a simple modern art centerpiece, or maybe two silver candelabras on both ends. Anything simple yet sophisticated will merge perfectly with your modern-contemporary preferences.

Country Vibes

The rustic feel of the Bucolic life is in vogue these days, especially in interior décors. It usually comes with a carefree vibe, upholding the value of beauty in imperfection. What looks good with the rustic theme is decorative made from wood or any centerpiece in beige neutral colors that have an earthy feel to it.

Mirror, Mirror on the Mantle

If you have ever coveted a beautiful antique mirror, you have already guessed what I am getting at. Placing a beautiful mirror over the mantel looks glam and elegant depending on the style you are going. For intricacy, you should stick to antique metal pieces. If you are more of a contemporary-loving person, then geometric shapes with a clean finish look striking on modern-style natural/cast stone fireplace mantels.

Art Corner

Are you an art lover? Then the best way to flaunt your artsy side is using the mantelpiece to display your favorite painting. Make sure that the size of the painting compliments the space above the mantle. The colors should also blend well with the overall theme of the room, rather than distracting the onlooker.

Frame Old Memories

This is a popular preference among homeowners to use the mantel. You can either place one big family portrait. If not then buy an assortment of frames in different shapes and sizes and place it on the mantel as your display board, reminiscing all the beautiful memories created with your family.

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