Standing on the driveway, Rachel was admiring the view upfront. Her dream house was finally in front of her. The only thing left was planning the interiors and renovating the house. “Will start with the living room, I want a beautiful marble fireplace,” she thought to herself.

Only if she knew then what a harrowing and confusing experience she would have while shopping for her dream fireplace. After spending the entire day going from one manufacturer to another, Emma finally settled down in front of her laptop. It was time to do some research, maybe check out some online stores.

Like Emma, a lot of homeowners share similar experiences when they go fireplace shopping the first time. There is so much versatility and diversity in fireplace fabrications, designs, and materials that it’s only natural for one to feel lost. To ease the dilemma, here is a brief guideline on different fireplace styles and materials.

Style and Diversity in Fireplaces

Take a peek at the styles below, to get a better idea of what you want.

Italian and French Sophistication in Marble 

The regal elegance of Italian architecture; that’s what comes to mind when you think of marble. However, the style and designs used in the marble fireplace draw its influence from French artistry as well. If you are thinking of giving your place a royal makeover, then Italian marble and French marble fireplaces are fine choices. You will find both intricate and ornate designs as well as clean contemporary finesse as per your preference. One can enhance it further by adding a Bolection fireplace surround.

Rustic Beauty of Limestone 

The pale tones of limestone with its naturally rugged finish give you the ultimate rustic look for your interiors. If you like muted tones in your décor, then limestone would be the perfect backdrop against which you can plan the other elements in the room. It adds a subtle and minimalistic look to the room, while the lightness of the shade emanates warmth.

Affordable Luxury of Cast Stone

Cast stone fireplaces give homeowners the liberty to explore different styles and patterns mimicking marble, travertine, limestone, granite, etc. at a reasonable price range. It is a faux-stone that is lighter than natural stone and easy to install as well. The diversity in cast stone would depend on the fabricators, what they are ready to offer you. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a fireplace in cast-stone. Once you install your faux-marble fireplace will look like the real deal, minus the big price tag.
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