Nothing looks more elegant than an antique touch to your home decor range. In this age of fast conquering modern living room ideas, the ancient charm is still young and evergreen with its elegance and edgy beauty.

So, to create a cozy vintage touch in your home, nothing can be ideal than the fireplace area. Your fireplace area requires more attention to decoration than it usually gets. Hence, here are some ideas that you can use to decorate your home, with more focus on the fireplace area to render an overall classic ancient charm to your house.

Evaluate your old fireplace area

If you already have an antique fireplace in your home, you can repurpose it in various ways. Pick a lovely fireplace mantel surround with a vintage design to modify the look. Also, do not forget to leave some ancient touches in your antique fireplace. So, to do so, you can put some vintage suitcases or antique souvenirs on the shelf of the mantel or near the fireplace area to make the place cozier. Also, place an antique mirror on the wall above the mantel to create a perfect evergreen 19th-century charm.

Marble fireplace with candles

Marble mantels are the most exquisite way to add a cozy rapture to your living room decor. The white marble fireplaces with a candle decoration inside can rightly enhance the luminosity in your home with an elegant charm. Creating an unusual candle arrangement with various sizes of candles in your fireplace area can brighten up the whole ancient charm in your space. However, put up a vintage window cover on the burning candles to ensure safety. Besides marble mantels, custom-made and finely decorated cast stone mantels can also go brilliant with this idea of candle arrangement and sprinkle beauty in every corner.

Creating French beauty

For your fireplace mantel custom ideas, bringing in the beauty of France to your home can never go wrong. The exquisite styling of Paris can let you create a typical French beauty in your home. Picking a light-colored French marble fireplace for your living room and pairing it with edgy and floral wallpaper in the background can look better than ever.

A water fountain to rejuvenate the beauty of your living room

Nothing can complement the vintage charm of your living room area than a cozy and artistic water fountain. Placing a vintage floor water fountain at one corner or in the middle area of your living room space can perfectly create a Victorian charm in your home. A big water fountain for home with a fine and detailed custom-made design can rightly balance the old touch in your room, making it look enticing in every aspect.

So, are you thinking of adding a very vintage and classic touch to the home decor range of your living room? Then opting for ancient fireplaces ideas or installing a vintage water fountain can easily upgrade the entire charm of the room. Artisan Kraft brings you an excellent range of fireplace surrounds, mantels, and other home decor ranges to render extraordinary beauty to every corner of your home.