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Gorgeous marble mantel ideas to accentuate your home decor

There are valid reasons for the obsession of people over marble for their fireplace area. People with a good taste in aestheticism rightly know how marble can add a wholesome beauty to your living room, stealing your heart with its every glance.

With its exquisite color, pattern, and surface texture, marble complements the entire decor range of your home in the best way.  Thus, picking marble for your fireplace mantel will be the best choice to render elegance to the beauty range of your home. So, here are some best marble mantel ideas that you can easily implement.

Render an antique touch

Apart from cast stone fireplace mantels, marble mantles also bring about a lofty charm. The antique Italian marble touch in decoration inspired by 19th-century art can give your home a vintage charm. Influenced by the Italian Villas, a vintage marble fireplace can take you back to the dreamy era to quench your thirst for an old charm.

All-over classy white

If you have an all-white decoration and color on your walls, a classy white marble fireplace mantel will be the best one to pick. The all-white marble fireplace will add more luminosity to your home with its light reflectivity and glimmering shine while you lit up the place. A hand-carved mantel with pure white color will be the best pick for such kind of decorations.

Add a modern upgrade

Giving a modern upgrade to your fireplace area with lovely marble slabslimestone range hoodpanels, and tiles will add an enhanced balance of beauty. To set a unique example, you can pick custom marble panels with carved details and a symmetrical frame to let your mantel have a compact design. In such cases, you can also choose different shades of marble that goes compatible with your home decor range to bring about a gorgeous look.

Create the travertine styling

Travertine fireplaces are an innovative way to add a beautiful touch to your home’s corner. These mantles render a classy and elegant look with their variety of colors and designs. If you have large fireplace surrounds, it is usually recommended to opt for travertine styling, as it adds a flamboyant charm to the entire space. Also, it is quite easy to maintain the beauty of travertine marble tiles for a long time, making it an excellent choice for your fireplace area.

Go for the modern farmhouse style

The farmhouse style is never out of the trend. So, picking a cream and brown color combination for your modern marble fireplace ideas brings about a very natural look to the corner of your home, creating great farmhouse vibes.

So, whether you decorate the marble mantel with a classic styling or a funky modern touch, either of them will add their own essence of beauty to your home. To accentuate your home’s grace, Artisan Kraft brings you a large range of marble fireplace mantels, which look extraordinary and are available at a fair enough pricing range.

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