When the festive season is lurking around the corner and people are all set to celebrate the peak time of the year, fireplaces can seem quite an extraordinary addition. Imagine sitting beside a marble fireplace hearth with your loved ones while you make those conversations linger. While it’s snowing outside, you can be all cozy and curled up in a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa. Who said fireplaces are only for getting Christmas vibes? A fireplace mantel custom can also be an exceptional idea to make your home look festive all around the year. So, if you are open to experimenting, then here are some modern fireplace ideas for your space to make it look more festive. Read on to find inspiration.

A cast stone mantel shelf

When you have guests over or you are entertaining some visitors, you must have a cast stone mantel shelf. A mantel shelf for your limestone fireplace mantels and surrounds is your true hall of fame where you can showcase your treasured possessions. You can place your family’s pictures there as well for the world to see. So, the mantel shelf will be like your gallery wall or Christmas card that has all the festive memories stored in it.

Some greens

The next thing that you need to add is some greens. When the fireplace provides all the warmth with an earthy feel, having some green plants can be an exceptional idea to add freshness to the overall setting. It will balance the ambiance and make your space look fabulous with the contrasting hues.

Luxury incarnate

When you have a marble fireplace or something more ornate, then the key is to get something luxurious to accentuate the fireplace. You can get your home a sculptor, a beautiful rug, some showpieces, or even a few wall hangings for the space behind your fireplace. Luxury is the new cool and if you have a fireplace, better make it look classy.

The right lighting

There is no denying that fireplaces exude warmth and light. You can have a natural glow in your home with a fireplace around the space. But, you do need to have some extra lighting to highlight the features of your mantel. If some natural light gets in beautifully, then great, but for the nighttime, make sure to get a sparkly chandelier or some extra lighting. Trust us, everyone will love the ambiance without any setbacks.


You can take as much inspiration as you want from the travertine and French fireplace ideas online. But, when you start decorating, the only thing that you need to emphasize is your home’s personality. As a creative individual, ensure to add your touch of whimsy to your fireplace décor. Start experimenting with a modern cast stone fireplace or the edgy travertine fireplaces now because when it comes to fireplaces, no time is too late to welcome in the festive vibes.