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Modern marble fireplace surround for stunning aesthetics

In primitive architecture, fireplaces were fundamentally meant to be located at the center to provide an even distribution of heat and serve as a source of cooking. With the invention of brick, homes started embracing larger and more expensive centralized fireplaces for the occupants and as time passed by, homeowners started using fireplaces for the aesthetic feature of their home. Fireplaces while adding character to your home, also serve functional attributes. Modern homes are always a step ahead of the conventional home décor, but most contemporary homeowners think of a fireplace as an outmoded design statement. However, on the contrary modern marble fireplace surrounds are quite in the hype now! Why? Let’s see!

Fireplaces add value to your home

Fireplaces can act as the focal point of your space. Imagine having a bewitching black marble fireplace surround by a sheepskin rug, some accent furniture, and an elaborate chandelier. Won’t that look amazing? Most homeowners are more likely to pay extra for a home with a fireplace in it. The classic, timeless feature of fireplace mantel surrounds adds value to your home while increasing your home’s worth to several folds.

Keep your home comfortable

No matter how brilliant your heating system is, there will always be dafty spots in your home. A fire hearth in your bedroom or living room can provide the extra warmth necessary to cover up these dafty spots and keep your home cozy and comfortable. The best part is all this can happen without increasing your electricity bill, which is pretty much awesome.

Cost-saving benefits

Most modern homeowners are all about the energy-efficient benefits of décor and modern cast stone fireplaces have tons of cost-saving benefits. For one they are low maintenance. You don’t need to invest your time and efforts rigorously in your fireplace to keep it spick and span. In addition, they can keep your heating cost low and with a fireplace, you will pay fewer utility bills during the fall and winter.

Beautiful décor element

Imagine having your photos and other décor pieces on a cast stone mantel shelf or adorning the earthy warmth of your Tudor fireplace with some freshness of the greens. Won’t that be amazing? You can curl up in front of the fire all you want and when you are entertaining guests, they would naturally gravitate towards the roaring fire during the winter season. A fireplace looks stunning and the mantels bring in epiphany.

The bottom line

Since time immemorial, fireplaces have been a selling point for homebuyers, and today, they are an often requested addition during renovations. Irrespective of whether you are a contemporary décor enthusiast or a vintage interior connoisseur, Italian fireplaces can always make you swoon. The ever-increasing versatility of fireplaces means that they fit right in your list of requirements and your budget. They are both practical and aesthetic. What more reason you might need to install a fireplace in your home?

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