Flip the pages of a decor magazine and you will find fireplaces stealing the interior limelight. Believe it or not, but fireplace makeover ideas can transform your lackluster hearth into the centerpiece of a room. The travertine fireplace surrounds and marble fireplace mantels look absolutely enticing, but stone fireplaces are running the show of aesthetics now. They are durable, practical, and aesthetically remarkable. In a nutshell, stone fireplaces along with the rustic vent hoods are everything that a homeowner can possibly wish for.

Looking for ideas to include a stone fireplace with a mantel to add a little old-world glamor to your space? Then here is some inspiration to simulate the look of hand-sculpted natural stone in your bespoke interiors!

Stacked Stone travertine fireplaces

A charming travertine stone veneer configured with lovely hues of brown can add an understated, rustic twist to your cozy decor. In addition to the earthy colors, travertine stone also comes in a wide range of pleasing hues of red like limestone fireplace surrounds and bright scarlet.

Fabulous fieldstone fireplace

A fieldstone fireplace can be the crowning jewel of your living room or study. With unique markings and a beautiful classy appeal, fieldstone fireplaces add visual interest with their one-of-a-kind character. The fieldstone fireplaces add an earthy, rustic tone to your home that can make the ambiance irresistible at best.

Bluestone fireplaces

If you love classy home improvement accessories like a marble freestanding tub or something more intricate, then bluestone fireplaces are your answer. The scene-stealing bluestone fireplaces can upstage beautiful views when paired with expansive windows or neutral upholstered furniture.

Riverstone fireplace

Another simple and elegant way of jazzing up your home with a fireplace is through a Riverstone fireplace. Riverstones are a brilliant material for inviting in a modern farmhouse-inspired space. They can make any room cozy with hundreds of water-worn rocks and a carefully arranged natural rug.

Painted stone fireplace

If you want to give an up-to-date look to your outdated home then getting a painted stone fireplace can make your abode lovable. With bold chunky stone, you can transform your cookie-cutter living room with an iconic design. The shade of the paint can add a little contrast and you will fall in love with your interiors every day!

The classic rustic stone appeal

A rustic stone fireplace can look dated, woodsy, and modern. The combination might seem controversial, but the whole setup can work beautifully if you pair your fireplace with a wooden chair, a floating shelf, and some art pieces.


Doesn’t matter whether you want to design something minimal and edgy like the Scandinavian decor, or you are a fan of all-drama interiors like the vintage and Bohemian interiors, a faux stone fireplace mantel can look enthralling in your interiors. There are many crazy-ornate designs in stone fireplaces with stunning architectural details that exude timeless style. Take your pick and select one because your humble abode is meant to be adorned with a beautiful stone fireplace mantel.