Tucked in a corner and nestled with beauty, fireplaces aren’t just any home improvement accessory. Fireplaces serve as a room’s natural focal point, and they receive more attention than any other home improvement accessory that you have in your home. Fireplace designs streamlined with the personalized appeal of your home can create a fresh, modern look without altering your space’s footprint. Decor connoisseurs love fireplaces, but not every fireplace design is suited for your home. Ranging from marble surrounds and precast mantels to cast stone fireplaces and limestone fireplace mantels and surrounds, here are some trendy design ideas to make decorating easier for you and to help you find the perfect fireplace surround for your space. Dive in!

The classic white

A white marble fireplace with a cast stone hood is an interior element that stands the test of time. The classic white fireplaces look elegant and sophisticated. They can be used in both minimal as well as vintage spaces and the best part is that they can be incorporated into many design styles from modern to traditional and anywhere in between.

Fantastic flush fireplaces

Flush fireplaces are for those, who prefer a more contemporary clean look. The appearance of flush fireplaces varies depending on the surround that is picked. You can choose a warm shade of natural wood for the surround to design an eclectic space. Flush fireplaces look good in sleek marble. So, design your space accordingly.

Cast stone fireplaces

For people who want their interior to be perfect starting from the simple marble sinks to kitchen range hoods, cast stone fireplaces are the choice. They offer a unique feature in a classy setting. They are less common than traditional stone fireplaces that are created by using ancient artistry techniques. There is a myriad of custom possibilities that can stretch the imagination of design in the designer’s mind. There is a lot to experiment and the best part is that cast stone fireplaces are like a blank slate. You can experiment with them by pairing them with different decor schemes.

Stone range hood

Decorating your mantel is undoubtedly the most fundamental way to jazz up your fireplace. However, there are other ways to decorate your fireplace as well. You can get a stone range hood that will look no lesser than a crown for your fireplace. The best part is the possibilities are endless. You can add a floating shelf or something extra to bring in the drama for your mundane space. Cast stone hoods will keep your fireplace immaculate and provide a more edgy look to the overall ambiance.


Whatever you pick, we strongly recommend seeking advice from professionals. They can guide you through the different French fireplaces, cast stone mantels, and other designs. Professionals can provide you with suggestions about the right fireplace for you and help you with the dimension specifications. Or, you can simply dive into the inventory of Artisan Kraft. They have an exclusive range of best-in-class fireplace designs. Go online and shop now!