Artisan Kraft| Blog| Insider tips from the decor experts to find the right fireplace

Insider tips from the decor experts to find the right fireplace

A person’s home is the intimate reflection of their passion, lifestyle, and above all their individual personality. When you look around you, does your home have any element that watches your taste or how you live your life? If not, then it’s high time that you renovate, refurbish or integrate new architectural anchors like modern marble fireplace surrounds or travertine fireplaces. However, your fireplace should also match your personality and style to convert your brick-and-mortar establishment into a home and make you feel like the space belongs to you.

If you are looking forward to getting a marble fireplace hearth or something more personalized to match your style, then here are some tips for you from the professionals. Dive in!

The Minimalist

If you like structure and prefer clean lines then consider cast stone range hoods and a stone cast fireplace with clean lines and simple elements. However, note that when it comes to decorating around your fireplace, white shades can make your room look larger and clean, but they can also attract dirt. Open fireplaces have this knack for getting dirty. So, if your everyday cleaning doesn’t fit into your schedule, look for sleek and dark-colored accents with ornamental designs for a spectacular fireplace setting.

The Undercover Explorer 

Do you have a soft spot for traveling? If sitting at home isn’t your thing and you are always on the go, then having a marble fireplace is your one-stop destination. Trust us. When you get a mantle shelf for your marble fireplace you can decorate it with some travel souvenirs. Marble fireplaces can be your great memorabilia that can showcase your memories and things from places that help you grow personally and professionally.

If you are wondering why marble fireplaces, then the answer is yes, because they are versatile. White or black marble fireplaces are like a clean canvas that can provide immense scope for experimentation. They can practically go with everything and make your home look posher within a snap.

The socialite

Are you the kind of person who thrives around people? Do you believe in listening to others, telling stories and weekly gatherings are your callings? Then a limestone fireplace is your solution. When you host parties, you can arrange it by your elegant, emerald-hued limestone fireplace. It can inspire travelers and create an inviting atmosphere for your guests to gather around and have a glass of great wine. Believe it or not, but your limestone fireplace can create stories and make conversations linger with its enchanting appeal.


When it comes to personalization and getting home improvement accessories as per your customized taste, fireplaces aren’t the only thing. Ranging from stunning stone tubs to rustic kitchen hoods you need to put your heart into everything to finding the best home improvement product according to your choice and style. Trying to find the perfect platform to shop for your picture-perfect fireplaces? Search on Artisan Kraft!

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