As the festivals are around the corner and everyone is getting their festival decorations out, decor enthusiasts are searching for iconic statement pieces for their interiors. Some people have started to search for marble fireplace ideas while others are searching on Pinterest to find inspiration for fireplace mantel customs. But before you start flowing in the festive craze, let us tell you one thing.

No festival is complete without cozy Italian fireplaces. Their unmatched aura and rustic vibe can elevate any space to a whole new level. Before the festive season comes knocking at your door and you fall for the wrong fireplace, we have some tips for you. Surf through!

Selecting a fireplace

Limestone fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, cast stone fireplace mantels, or the beautiful open marble fireplace mantels. The options are infinite when it comes to choosing a fireplace. So, how are you supposed to decide which one is best for you? Whether you are installing a new fireplace for the first time or you are replacing your existing fireplace, here are some key points that you must consider:

Open fireplaces

People who love fireplace mantel surrounds, and their elegant feel generally opt for open fireplaces. An open fire has been enjoyed for centuries, and till now, open fireplaces are still a very popular choice. There is a wide array of styles to suit your decor when you select open fireplaces.

Ranging from the contemporary and traditional fireplaces to industrial and barn-like, the romance of an open fireplace can never be underplayed. After all, how can anyone resist watching the flickering, enigmatic flames and the crackle of the kindling logs? The best part is as long as your chimney and flue are in good condition, there isn’t any reason to not consider an open fire.

If you have the creative bit inside you, you can also use an open fireplace even when it isn’t functional. Stack some logs in the hearth during the summers or at times when you aren’t using the fireplace, and it will look absolutely beautiful by creating an illusion. Open fire provides more warmth, and it takes you back to the good-old vintage days. So, yes, we would say open fireplaces are pretty much the best option.

The bottom line

Can you imagine yourself and your family chatting with a drink in hand around your fireplace while jesting during a round of poker? Think about how amazing it will be to sip a hot cup of cocoa on the winter nights with some marshmallows in front of your fireplace while you see your family photos on that cast stone mantel shelf. Now that’s what we call life. Get your favorite fireplace from the premium fireplace hubs online and get ready to host an epic decor piece this festive season.