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Make work from home interesting with these amazing home makeover tips

With the inception of a global pandemic, the entire world came to a halt. Full-fledged corporate workspaces started functioning as remote cultures and companies were restricted to work from home environments. As employees started working from home, the mundane interiors started haunting them. The boring bathroom sinks seemed like a nightmare in front of the in vogue, elegant marble bathroom sinks and blank living rooms seemed a tad depressing in front of living rooms with charming fireplaces. Well, if you have also moved your proper office culture home, then it’s high time that you opt for a home renovation with some amazing home improvement products. Looking for ideas? Here are some suggestions from the interior experts.

The abstract affair

If you have a soft corner for patterns or geometrical designs, then the abstract affair can be your ultimate choice. Especially when you are designing your bathroom, you can select an abstract tile pattern with marble tubs for a minimal yet quirky appeal. What’s interesting is marble tubs are as immersively fascinating as they are durable. They don’t stain easily and what’s more fabulous is they will give you that celebrity vibe that most people love in their ambiance.

A rustic room

Do you absolutely fall in love with earthy tones, leather furniture, and vintage fireplaces? Then the cast stone range hoods are a brilliant option for you. Unlike the traditional alternatives, stone range hoods are quite the charmer. They can last for what you call an eternity and stone range hoods are the star of rustic rooms. While you invoke in the awe of rustic interiors, you can mix and match seamlessly as well because rustic interiors practically go with almost everything.

Bohemian paradise

Bohemian homes are all about free-spirited interiors. So, while you are decorating your workspace in the Bohemian way, ensure to get a limestone surround or something in a more vibrant shade to satisfy your Boho soul.

The contemporary delight

Imagine a sleek, no-fuss living room that is full of drama. Neutral tones everywhere, a black marble fireplace with a roaring fire and yes a spiral staircase. If this gives you goosebumps, then the contemporary delight is for you. Contemporary homes generally give more importance to marble. So, while you are decorating the modern way, ensure to select French Marble fireplaces along with marble sinks and tubs. Trust us, they will make your home look simply enchanting!


Irrespective of whether you select kitchen range hoods or travertine sinks, ensure that the home improvement product reflects your personality effortlessly. Gone are the days when aesthetics were all about orchestrated interiors; now is the eon of functionality. In the smartphone-dominated era, there are still some old-world souls who find solace in the embrace of a peaceful interior. Do you want to revamp your home with granite tubscopper soaking tubsor something more glamorous or sophisticated? Then opt for the home improvement accessories from Artisan Kraft and make your WFH fun!

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