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Everything you need to know about having a fireplace in your home

Whether you want a nice tranquil place to read a book, or you are trying to create a romantic setting with your loved ones, having a fireplace can be a great idea to ablaze your mood and provide warmth. Fireplaces are like the creatures of comforts that add an extra touch of architectural vitality to a house, inside and out. There is so much to know and consider when you are selecting travertine fireplace surrounds or a fireplace for your home. Some of them are listed as follows.

Consider the dimensions

For one, you need to be very specific about the dimensions. When you are selecting a fireplace, you must abide by the rule of length. Your fireplace should be placed in space, with at least a foot distance from either side of the walls. The fireplace should not make your space look cramped or crowded. It should sit majestically without delimitating the space-consuming attribute.

Where do you want your fireplace to be? 

While you get started with picking cast stone fireplace surroundsTudor mantels, or any other fireplace designs, you need to be very specific about the setting. Decide whether you want to place the fireplace in your living room, bedroom or study, and then pick a design accordingly. Also, remember to measure the dimensions very precisely if you want the fireplace to fit in your space.

Do you want your fireplace to represent a certain era?

Another interesting thing that most homeowners are unaware of is the historic nature of fireplaces. Typically fireplaces have been there around the corner since time immemorial and each fireplace is a representation of certain age and architecture. There are these intricately carved Victorian fireplaces and then there are French and sleek modern fireplaces. Pick the timeline that you would like to represent through the fireplace.

What style do you want?

Selecting a fireplace is very much similar to selecting your outfit. The fireplace should reflect your personality and taste. For example, if you have a more edgy or chic theme in mind you need to dial it up with abstract patterns, fur upholstery, and a charming travertine fireplace. Whereas if you are looking for something modern and subtle, then French marble fireplaces can be your option. Unlike conventional fireplace designs, marble fireplaces have an architectural aesthetic appeal that can make your home more attractive, vivacious, and of course cozy. You can dive into different fireplace guides or resort to Pinterest for inspiration.


Are you someone who simply loves sitting by a fireplace? Do you think that the crackling fire of your fireplace defines your home to you? If yes, then let us tell you that you aren’t alone. Fireplace mantels have become quite popular because people just love them. Fireplaces are known to increase the value of homes while providing a cozy, welcoming feel. Select marble or limestone fireplaces depending on your preferences and instantly level up the feel of your space.

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