Money is precious and as such; informed purchase decisions result in purchases that you do not regret or undervalue post purchase. On that note; bathtubs, both of the indoor and outdoor variations; are expensive purchases. In fact, many simply cannot afford a bathtub and have to settle for an overhead shower. Bearing this in mind; it is important that you inform yourself on the subject of bathtubs before going out there and buying a bathtub which is likely to set you back by a few hundred dollars. Detailed below is all you need to know on the subject of indoor and outdoor bathtubs. 

Indoor Bathtubs Vs Outdoor Bathtubs 

As a general rule, indoor bathtubs are strictly meant for bathroom installation. These are the bathtubs that you are most likely to use on an everyday basis, which is why most people will choose an indoor bathtub when faced with a choice between buying an indoor or outdoor bathtub. For those that can afford both; the decision to buy an outdoor bathtub pretty much depends on one’s comfort with bathing outdoors and available space on one’s property to ensure private placement of an outdoor bathtub. It’s quite fair to say that indoor bathtubs sell more than outdoor bathtubs. However, many individuals with ample privacy within the confines of their own residential estate; are likely to invest in stone bathtubs for outdoor placement. 

Why Stone Bathtubs are the Ideal Bathtub Types for Outdoor Placement 

If shopping for an outdoor bathtub; the ideal choice is a stone or marble tub. It simply isn’t feasible to pay good money for a metal tub and place it outdoors, exposing it to various weather conditions that can have a corrosive and damaging effect on metal. As such stone and marble bathtubs are the most feasible options for outdoor bathtubs. Moreover, they naturally blend in with the outdoors and simulate close to natural rock formations among trees and shrubbery on large residential estates. 

Indoor Bathtubs 

For those looking to purchase indoor bathtubs; the options are comparably varied. One can choose from…

  • Marble Bathtubs 
  • Cast-Iron Bathtubs
  • Composite Type Bathtubs
  • Acrylic Bathtubs
  • Porcelain-Enamel Coated Steel Tubs 
  • And more

Bathtub Upkeep 

As bathtubs are often exposed to water, they present the perfect moist surfaces for the growth of bacteria and fungi that can result in skin issues. As such; bathtubs must be regularly cleaned for hygiene and health. Many cleaning products are available, both in brick and mortar stores and online retail platforms; for the purpose of bathtub upkeep. Choose these products according to bathtub types and avoid issues like corrosion of bathtub surfaces owing to corrosive and inappropriate chemical cleaning products. 

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