As is expected, the fireplace is often the central décor feature of any living room space. The fireplace is both a utility-centric home addition for heating purposes, and an aesthetic architectural feature of indoor living room spaces. Owing to the aesthetic value of a fireplace; it’s only natural that living room décor often revolves around the fireplace area, serving as an extension of the fireplace, and simultaneously adding aesthetic value to the living room space. Bearing this in mind; let’s take a quick look at the top 4 fireplace décor ideas that will not only add to your fireplace aesthetics, but in fact spruce up your entire living room.

Consider Matching Your Furnishings with Your Fireplace

In terms of the colour scheme of your living room, uniformity can help lend a modern contemporary appeal. As such; it’s worth matching your furnishings and upholstery with your fireplace. For example; your white marble fireplace mantel and surround could perfectly match your white leather sofa, or your rustic travertine fireplace would fit just right with your rustic brown leather sofa. Colour and design elements in your upholstery could also serve to compliment your fireplace, and vice-versa.

Statuettes for Your Fireplace Mantel

Statuettes on your fireplace mantel can considerably elevate the aesthetics of your general fireplace area, while also adding a touch of artistic expression to your entire living room area. There are an astounding range of smaller statuettes you can choose from that are made just for your fireplace mantel. These statuettes come at various prices and are made of various materials, ranging from metal to stone, and even wood. A very classic choice among these options would be an elegant marble statuette for your marble, travertine, cast stone fireplace mantel. However, if you prefer; you can always opt for metal and wooden statuettes as well.

Display Your Trophies

The fireplace mantel is an excellent place to display trophies that you or members of your family may have won in various competitive events. This trend is quite common in homes with children of varying ages; as parents enjoy looking at and showing off the trophies their kids have won over the years. Displaying trophies on the fireplace mantel adds a touch of warmth and personality to any home, and for actual sportsmen or artists; the fireplace mantel often doubles up as a trophy mantel to display various achievements in various spheres.

Fireplace Surround Décor 

To level things out and to ensure that your fireplace mantel does not look over embellished; consider fireplace surround décor such as larger statuettes to place beside your fireplace, ornate fireplace tools in a tool stand, and fireplace pillars.

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