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Triple Well Farmhouse Hammered Copper Sink


Experience the rustic charm of a Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink with a triple basin design.


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Copper kitchen sink with a triple basin design. This triple basin model is very functional for a busy kitchen. It also looks great. The sleek straight line design gives it a contemporary feel while being a traditional design. Rounded corners give the soft edges a natural feel. The surface is a hammered finish but can be made smooth. A hammered finish is indented copper. You can see and feel the difference between the smooth and hammered finishes. Match it with a cast stone range hood. This farmhouse kitchen sink can be installed under mounted below the surface of your counter. It is also fully finished all around so it can be installed vanity style on top of the counter or flush with the counter. We provide global shipping on all of our items.

Made from durable copper, this sink is not only visually stunning but also highly functional. The unique hammered finish adds texture and dimension to any kitchen, while the triple basin design allows for easy multitasking. Whether you're washing dishes or preparing food, this sink is the perfect addition to any home seeking a touch of vintage elegance.

Make sure that it fits the space ie exterior dimensions and easy access to plumbing 

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