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Terra Double Well Farmhouse Hammered Copper Sink


The Terra Double Well Farmhouse Hammered Copper Sink is a true embodiment of rustic charm and modern elegance. 


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Make sure plumbing, faucets and drain, lines up with sink.

Double well copper kitchen sink with a hammered finish. It can also be called a two bowl sink or a double basin. This style is one of the more standard kitchen sinks. It is typically over mounted on the counter with the flat edge spilling over the countertop. In more recent trends these are now under mounted with the flat edges sitting below the counter top and having the inch or so of the counter top exposed where the two meet. This style is fitting for any home. Copper has a lot of great qualities beyond just looking good. 

Its handcrafted construction from premium quality copper features a unique hammered texture that adds a distinct character to its surface. With its double-well design, this farmhouse sink offers ample space for meal prep and dishwashing, making it an ideal choice for any busy kitchen. The rich copper tone of the sink is also sure to add warmth and depth to any kitchen décor, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Make sure that it fits the space ie exterior dimensions and easy access to plumbing 

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