Cobble Specialty Sink


This sink is made from a single piece of authentic cobblestone, with a polished interior and a natural, rough exterior. 

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Make sure plumbing, faucets and drain, lines up with sink.

Cobble stone sink made out of a solid piece of real cobble stone. Inside of the sink is polished and most of the outside is left with a rough natural finish. The style and design is more obscure and less formal. This is a great example of the custom sinks we are able to make. The shape is a rounded oblong oval like design. This works great as a vanity sink. It can also be carved from marble or travertine. 

The oblong shape of the Cobble Specialty Sink adds a touch of rustic charm to any bathroom or kitchen. The durability of the cobblestone ensures that it will last for years to come. Its unique texture and natural finish make it an eye-catching addition to any space.

Make sure that it fits the space ie exterior dimensions and easy access to plumbing 

  • Approximate lead time is 12+ weeks
  • Delivery is curbside
  • Inspect prior to signing off
  • More detailed info click here: Delivery
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