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Ways to decorate a non-functional fireplace

Well, some houses have their own eccentricities. Millennials have leaped beyond the conventional boundaries of interior design and have invented their own comfort zones when it comes to creativity. One of these ideas is decorating a stone tub, a non-functional fireplace or rustic kitchen hoods with quirky ideas during the summers or off-season. Pinterest and Instagram walls have stunning ideas regarding these and non-functional fireplaces are more trending nowadays than the fully functional ones.

The good news is just because your fireplace isn’t in use during the off-season, that doesn’t mean it is totally useless. You might not be able to light a roaring fire in your fireplace, but you can get quite creative with your empty fireplace. Whether you want to configure something functional or you want something purely decorative, here are some brilliant ideas to escalate the look of your non-functional fireplace.

Re-tile with shelves

modern marble fireplace surround is the hub of all creativity. You can make old meet new by re-tiling your modern fireplace background and adding an ornate Victorian mantel contrast with a graphic tiled fireplace. Add some geometric cabinets in the hearth and a cactus or any other succulent to enliven the whole setting together. You can also arrange flowers or stack some vintage books to complement the rustic, aged look of the mantel effortlessly.

Add some logs

If you have a stone-cast fireplace, then you can get your home the most stunning vintage makeover by stacking some logs in the hearth. Especially if you are decorating a Scandinavian space with a sheepskin rug or a pampas grass or cream accents then this is your ultimate idea. When you stack up the logs in the hearth they will provide an illusion that your fireplace is still in use. In a nutshell, it will make your empty fireplace edgy but understated.

A large statement piece for your life-size hearth

When your huge fireplace isn’t functional during the summers or you aren’t much of a fan of a functional fireplace, then it’s time to give statement décor a chance. Just like how the Cast stone range hoods can be made more spectacular with a large painting, a large empty fireplace can also use some art. Spruce the hearth by adding a stone sculptor or an eccentric vintage piece. You can make the hearth pop up with a decorative screen, but we prefer layering everything up with art and a comfy natural area rug. It veils the dullness and adds a sprightly feeling to the ambiance.

Creativity is never left unappreciated

Whenever you decorate your non-functional marble fireplace hearth or travertine fireplaces, ensure to use your imagination. Yes, the aforementioned ideas can be a great addition to your snuggly fireplace, but when you integrate your own taste or personalized inventiveness in your fireplace, nothing can level that. You can take inspiration from the ideas above or you can search for ideas on the internet. However, ensure to bring a realistic feel while you design your heart out.

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