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Tips and tricks to maintain a fully functional fireplace

There is no denying that fireplaces are the focal points of many homes. The crackling sound of the wood and the dim glow of fire filling the room with warmth embody a homey feel that nothing can match. However, just like any other thing in your home, your fireplace mantel surroundsor the fireplaces are also subject to the wear and tear of time. Their detailed carvings might sometimes be defaced due to the piling up coal or dirt, or their beautiful appeal might be getting blackened with all the burning.

You cannot stop the burning, but you can always maintain your fireplace for a timeless chic appeal. Well, whether you have one of those intriguingly designed Italian fireplaces or limestone fireplaces, here are some best practices that you can follow for maintenance.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Undoubtedly fireplaces can be an enjoyable source of warmth and comfort inside the house, but they can also prove to be a potential source of health hazards. Carbon monoxide poisoning can arise when you have a clogged bent system or chimney. As carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, the gas is even hard for people to detect. Smoke is another health hazard that can prove deadly and cause dirt buildup in your fireplace. To make sure that your fireplace is functioning as it should be and to make sure that everyone on your premises is safe, make sure to install a carbon monoxide and smoke alarm.

Clean the exterior thoroughly

Well, let’s admit it: the exterior of your fireplace mantel custom is one of the most beautiful aspects that keeps your home charming. Always use fireplace tools to keep the premises of your fireplace clean and ensure to clean up the dirt buildup regularly to keep your fireplace shining and cozy.

Clean the interiors

While you make the cast stone mantel shelf shiny by cleaning it over and over again, don’t forget to clean the inside of your fireplace. A wood-burning fireplace produces a variety of byproducts from the burning, so you need to remove all these pieces regularly. Ensure to clean the interiorly vividly. This won’t just improve the aesthetics, but it will also make your fireplace more efficient in providing heat. Also, remove the soot and creosote buildup and check the chimney and its cap for imperatively analyzing the functioning. Always use the right kind of wood and refrain from using coal because it can have atrocious effects on the aesthetics of your fireplace.

The bottom line

The hearth of your cast stone fireplace mantels is like the heart and soul of your home. When you maintain your fireplace properly, they won’t just last you for a long time, they will also look exceptional with their exceptionally incredible appeal. With a bit of care and proper maintenance, your fireplace can provide comfort in style for years to come. So along with opting for stunning marble fireplace ideas always follow the maintenance tips for a neat and tidy fireplace.

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