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The fascinating allure of fireplace mantels of different materials

More often than not, we tend to choose an article on the basis of the appeal it is able to impart to us. This appeal has mostly got to do with the looks or aesthetics of the item. This particular fact happens to be true when it comes to making the choice of a fireplace mantlepiece. These marvelous pieces of architecture, with their minutely carved out details, make it rather impossible for us general folks to resist their captivation.

Speaking of captivation, there is one particular kind of mantelpiece that has universal, unanimous acclaim. The marble fireplaces have been the go-to option for a vast crowd for the longest of times. If you are hesitant towards investing in a fireplace mantel, the following case study is definitely going to clear things up for you.

Analysis of the numerous advantages

The results of a survey conducted by clearly proved the general inclination towards mantelpieces. Of the 2,000+ participants who took up the survey, as much as 60% of them were excited for and looked forward to having a fireplace in their home.

It is courtesy of the various advantages offered by this building material; its fame has managed to remain a constant trend. An in-depth analysis of the numerous advantages that this fireplace mantelpiece building material has to offer to its buyers is given below:

  1. Durability

One of the primary qualities of the item for which it is world-renowned, a marble fireplace mantel is able to withstand the harshest of settings and survive even the most obscure of events. The hefty weight of the material plays a decisive role in imparting this particular trait to it.

  1. Longevity

Thanks to the aforementioned characteristic, the elegant black marble fireplaces have managed to brave the adversities of time. The proof to this particular statement lies in the fact that a number of marble-made fireplaces, that are centuries old, stand unaffected and untarnished! This makes the buying of this fireplace a one-time investment.

  1. Appearance

If you are confused regarding the addition of a marble mantel would bode well with the architecture of your home, then worry not! Because these impressive pieces of carvings blend effortlessly with all sorts of house designs. The gloss finish of marble stone ensures that the mantel complements traditional as well as modern styled houses.

Coming to the alternatives, there are two other building materials that are fairly famous for their provisions:

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