More and more people are acknowledging the cruciality of having a marble mantel installed at their homes. However, there is still a minority that remains unaware of the many ways in which a fireplace mantel is an essential addition to every individual’s house. To enlighten these people of the fame and importance of this home interior item, go through some of the observations derived from a 2015 realtor’s survey. The following will most certainly provide you with a firm perspective on the matter.

  • 60% of the 2,000 professional realtors that were surveyed, affirmed the fact that the presence of a fireplace helped increase the value of a house by a considerable amount. People were found to be willing to pay a sum of over $5,000 for this particular inclusion.
  • The inclination towards fireplaces was the same, irrespective of whether it was present indoors or outdoors.
  • Social media case studies showed that the frequent terms that are being associated with fireplace mantels are words like, “cozy”, “love”, and “home”.

Variants of marble fireplaces

With the arrival of the more modern fireplacesthis trend has seen outrageous growth. The designs associated with these mantels are more enticing than ever before, and also pack in a myriad of advantageous features. These features further fueled the prevalent notions of a fireplace improving the comfort of a home. 

  1. Heat properties of these fireplaces are worth praising a million times over, 
  2. Durability is a perk that retains the glamour of the item for the longest period,
  3. Longevity is something we look for in one-time investments as such, and these fireplaces don’t disappoint!

There are several different variants of marble fireplaces and you have the freedom to choose any one of them according to your preferences. The following are a few suggestions that just might fit the bill of your requirements:

If you don’t find yourself inclined towards marble, another equally viable choice comes in the form of cast stone fireplace mantelsThis option is best for individuals that are naturally inclined towards products with a matte finish. When you are done with the decision of which type of fireplace you would go with, the final choice that is left for you to make it, where to buy this pricey item from! If the quality happens to be your foremost priority, it is highly recommended to look into Artisan Kraft.

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