The interior designing trends are dynamically evolving. Currently, there is a bewildering range of themes and designers work to create coherent spaces layered with richness and detail. If you want to create a space that is anchored in the past but is inherently contemporary, then including ornate fireplace surrounds in your décor can be a great idea. They lighten up the mood of any space and give a mid-century character to your ambiance without feeling kitschy. If you are planning to add a fireplace to your home, then here are some easy fireplace decorating ideas to create a balance of intrigue and beauty.

Vintage theme

The retro is the new metro and old-world designs are back in the trend now. Interior enthusiasts are searching for ideas to bring in the vintage theme into their home and one way to do so is to include swanky marble fireplaces. They look classy and the antiquity and French flair they add to your home are simply unmatched.

A Scandinavian home

The recipe for a perfect Scandinavian-inspired room is prioritizing comfort over everything. You need to add a rustic look along with some neutral-toned décor and a more benevolently elegant design. This is when a cast stone fireplace can come to your rescue. It will be the perfect fit for any modern, thoughtfully curated room that involves a Scandinavian theme.

The sophisticated minimalist décor

Often it becomes difficult to hold all the neutral tones together or to paint a picture in white, but a marble fireplace can be your ultimate weapon to amplify your décor ideas if you are trying to execute a perfect minimal theme.

Edgy Bohemian theme

For an edgy Bohemian space, you can always pick a limestone fireplace mantel custom or even the marble fireplaces will work. They can instantly escalate the feel and design of your space while creating an approachable feel. Bohemian décor involves a lot of elements working together in perfect synchrony and a fireplace will act as the pivot of your home to bind every aspect together.

A contemporary space

Do you want to create fine lines and get a contemporary lift for your conventional space? Then travertine fireplaces are the perfect way to justify your thinking. They strike the perfect balance between simplicity and drama and craft a beautiful effect without overwhelming the rest of your room. You can add a fireplace to your living room, study, or even dining space and they will never fail to stun eyes with their unique, welcoming side.


fireplace mantel surround doesn’t just bring a quirky touch to your mundane space, it also adds class to it. With the ideal fireplace, you can create a feeling of warmth and love. Rummage around some antiques, buy some statement pieces for your home and you will get an overall polished look. Especially if your space involves chunky, dark timber then the roaring fire will look no less than divinity.