A bathroom is probably the most intimate space in a house. It’s a place where you can drown out all the noise under the shower, or take a warm and relaxing bubble bath after a long tiring day. Sadly, the bathroom is also the place that gets the least attention from homeowners when they plan the interior décor. Little do they realize that a few embellishments in copper and stone tubs and marble bathroom sinks can transform the space into their very own Zen corner, the ultimate space for relaxation!

If you are thinking of remodeling your house or planning to shift to a new space, then here are a few ideas you can incorporate to jazz-up your bath zone.

Marble Bathtubs and Sinks

Whether you are living in an apartment or a big house, having a bathtub is pretty basic. You just cannot do without it. Not only does it make for some great soak-times, but it also maintains a barrier between the wet and dry zone.

Speaking of tub materials, if you want a touch of class and elegance in your bathroom décor, then marble bathtubs are perfect. The milky white color with the dark vein designs against it just looks exquisite. Marble is also quite durable and has good insulation, which means that it will keep your bath warmer for a long time.

marble sink for the bathroom is a worthy investment as well. It not only amps up the aesthetics but is also easier to clean and maintain.

Copper Soaking Tubs 

Copper-soaking tubs have been adorning bathrooms for decades and are one of the oldest materials ever used to create tubs. If you are going for a rustic look, then we will highly recommend a tub in copper. It is versatile and blends in with both contemporary as well as traditional décor ideas. Other than the look and the feel, copper tubs are also great for retaining the warmth of the water.

Copper Clawfoot Tubs

The next on our list is the clawfoot tub. The copper clawfoot tubs emanate an ornate and antique look, but other than that, these are not any different from the usual copper tubs. The addition of claw foot on four edges elevates the tub allowing you to easily clean under it. Other than that, like any other copper tubs, it is durable, anti-bacterial, resistant to mold, and has a longevity of decades.

However, the only downside of copper tubs is that it doesn’t go well with Epsom salts and bath salts, causing the metal to erode. However, fabricators are known to use different coating over the metal these days to prevent that from happening. But if you are more like a ‘bubble and warmth’ kind of person, copper bathtubs fit those criteria perfectly.

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