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Customizing home with exceptional artistry and aesthetics

Customization reflects the trend. To have one’s home to appear attractive and to maximize comfort is everyone’s wish. An important pre-requisite before going for items of luxury and beauty is to have a genuine knowledge about them which proves to be head-ache due to the plethora of options available. The most favorable among those include:

Fireplace mantels

Installing a fireplace mantel is one of the great ways to turn an ordinary living room into a neat and elegant space. The mantel is also known as ‘the heart of the fireplace’ and come in a wide variety of designs, both simple and complex. It also proves as valuable shelf space, and is a great place to keep pictures, books, or any other item.

With a comparatively low cost and great quality of material, cast stone fireplace surrounds are the first choice that will come to anyone’s mind. While cheaper than others, cast stone is not necessarily less stylish. It can be fashioned and molded to your exact requirements during manufacture. Its installation is easy and does not take much maintenance during its lifetime.

Valued for a thousand years and unparalleled in looks, marble stands atop all other options in terms of luxury. The fireplace is the focal point of a living room, and marble fireplace facings make sure of its presence by its elegant looks. Marble is resistant to fire and heat, which makes it extremely durable. Maintenance is super easy and often requires a light wipe to clean off food, drinks, and accumulated soot particles from the flames. It is also versatile in terms of colors, shapes, and designs so it fits in all kinds of houses.


It’s hard to get any more luxury than a warm-water bath after a tiring day, especially if it’s a stone tubWhile bathtubs being the center-point of any bathroom, stone tubs add a natural charm to it. Stone is extremely durable and will not require much maintenance. It also retains heat, so you can have a constant warmness to your water for a long time. It is customizable in size as per your choice to give your bathroom a more spacious look.


The marble looks amazing. As a bathtub material, it works a charm and can be used as a centerpiece or artistically designed to blend in smoothly with the rest of the bathroom’s decor. Marble bathtubs are available in custom molds and are easy to maintain. It is durable yet possesses a delicate appearance. It is a luxury and will change the aesthetics of your bathroom by a high margin.

Stone range hoods

When you have carefully planned and designed your kitchen to match with your home’s architectural style and have invested in the beauty of your home, your range hood should not be a second thought. A stone range hood will not only help you out with filtering out heat and smoke out of your kitchen during cooking but will also amplify the overall look of the kitchen. A carved range hood, like a fireplace, will serve as the focal point of your kitchen, wowing any eye that glances upon it.

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