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Cast Stone Hearths for Living Areas

Picture you and your guests gathered around a warm and inviting fireplace during a cold autumn or winter’s evening sharing stories and enjoying the company of each other. This is the ultimate purpose of having this enhancement in any home regardless of how classic or ornate it may appear in design around the hearth and mantel.

Fireplace mantels

Home owners can easily find fireplace mantels made from cast stone or marble that embody the interior designing theme they want for every room where this feature is located. The foyer can be installed with a large over mantel that runs from floor to ceiling as a focal point when guests first enter. Bedrooms and public living areas can be outfitted with a more sedate yet equally elegant mantel that is solid in color or has marbled veins for extra dimension and depth.


Fireplace mantels are not just a design feature but also serve a functional purpose in providing a space for displaying pictures, holiday decorations, knickknacks and other items based on the owner’s preference. The hearth may be an elevated platform in front of the fireplace or on level with the floor with a separate piece that serves as a visual aid for keeping a safe distance from the heat. The mantel can connect either way but serves a greater design function with the secondary method where there is no defined hearth. Cast stone options can be custom made per a customer’s request with dimensions, etchings and colors based on the manufacturer’s capabilities and the overall price of the process. The final product sh


ould be one that meets the client’s expectations and ensures satisfaction with the investment and shipment in a safe and efficient manner.Once received it is best to work with a professional technician to have this installed in the designated location to prevent damage or improper setting which can create additional issues. Replace old and worn out fireplace mantels with a new and fresh look that is classic, luxurious or traditional with a modern twist. The best part is that you can do all your shopping online and have the experts work with you over the phone to create the ideal custom order.

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