Smooth Copper Bath Tub


This double slipper design with a pedestal base features a smooth, polished copper exterior that exudes a sense of warmth and luxury.


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Make sure plumbing, faucets and drain, lines up with sink.

Copper bathtubs were some of the first tubs introduced into homes. They are practical and beautiful. Light and easy to install these freestanding soaking tubs can be placed anywhere. The double slipper design with a pedestal has been around for hundreds of years and is not going out of style. A rounded rim offers a softening touch to the copper. This exact tub is offered in a nickel platted bathtub version where the interior as a sliver like finish. A polished non-hammered smooth finish throughout. Easily create a fascinating bathroom with this great design. Soak way all your worries from the comfort of your own home bathroom. Bathrooms are one of the selling points of any home add appeal with this copper bathtub.

Copper bathtubs hold a rich history as one of the earliest tub styles utilized in residential spaces. With its classic silhouette and warm, inviting hue, this smooth copper double slipper pedestal bath tub is a striking addition to any bathroom. As a nod to its vintage heritage, it effortlessly infuses a space with a touch of old-world glamour and sophistication, making it an ideal focal point for any design aesthetic seeking to balance tradition with modern luxury.

Make sure that it fits the space ie exterior dimensions and easy access to plumbing 


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