Santa Cruz Stone Range Hood


Elegant clean lines on this cast stone kitchen range hood that exudes minimalist sophistication with modern farmhouse appeal.

Made in USAMade in USA

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Range hood should be sized to range width, vent, ceiling height and cabinets.  

Santa Cruz Kitchen Hood Precast a fine design with simple stylings. Overhood has faux seamlines to give the effect of stacked limestone panels. Smaller scroll corbels finish into the wall or marble tiles. Header has a panel with a floral scroll design. Trim above and below the header matches the one at the top. From the wonderful coastal San Fransisco Bay Area city of Santa Cruz comes this stove vent fan cover.

Santa Cruz Cast Stone Kitchen Range Hood embodies a sleek design. Its minimalist styling is highlighted by the smaller overhood corbels that seamlessly blend into the surrounding marble tiles or wall, while the bold header design serves as the perfect finishing touch. Balanced by the bold header that adds visual interest, elevating this piece to a work of art that can transform any kitchen.

Blower vent insert and installation materials to be supplied by client. 

  • Approximate lead time is 3-5+ weeks
  • Delivery is curbside with lift gate
  • Range Hoods require assembly
  • Inspect prior to signing off
  • More detailed info click here: Delivery
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