Oval Hammered Copper Tub


Double Ended Oval Copper Bathtub boasts a stunning hammered texture on both the interior and exterior surfaces, adding a unique touch of texture and dimension to any bathroom design.


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Make sure plumbing, faucets and drain, lines up with sink.

A large Double Ended Oval copper bathtub that has a hammered interior and exterior finish. The hammered finish has a bumpy feel. It’s lots of little divots that are more or less the same size. This can also be made in a smooth finish. The overflow drain is built into this copper bathtub which is not very common. This big soaking tub can fit two people inside. Like more of our copper bathtubs it is a freestanding design. While it is very large in dimensions it is lightweight. This makes it easy to ship to New York or Massachusetts. The copper color has a Sedona Arizona color with a rich metallic red undertone.

This exquisite oval copper bathtub is the epitome of comfort and luxury, boasting a spacious design that offers plenty of room for complete relaxation. The durable copper material ensures long-lasting durability and easy maintenance, making it the perfect choice for any modern bathroom. Its hammered finish, with its tactile and textural appeal, adds depth and character to the tub, making it a statement piece that will elevate any bathing experience to the next level.

Make sure that it fits the space ie exterior dimensions and easy access to plumbing 


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  • Delivery is curbside
  • Inspect prior to signing off
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