London Kitchen Range Hood Stove Vent Cover

London Kitchen Range Hood a dark smokey finish to this rustic cast stone. A marvelous upper portion in a dark brown almost copper finish. Copper bathtubs and products are available. Tile the backsplash with a slate style travertine or limestone. There are no seams in the overhood but they can be add. Marble counter tops add another fines finish. This is a stove vent fan cover and serves a decorative function.

Standard Dimensions Range Listed
Crown: 26″-66″ wide x 5″ high x 17″ deep
Overhood: 30″-74″ wide x 30″-65″ high x 19″ deep
Header: 36″-80″ wide x 11″ high x 22″ deep
Corbels: 5″-8″ wide x 29″ high x 18.25″ deep

Visit the Anatomy of the Kitchen Range Hood for a description and name of each part.

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All dimensions customizable. Order the range hood to your exact needs

This model is available in the following options:

Additional Product Information:
Range hoods available in custom dimensions
Delivery Charges include curb-side delivery via freight truck
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Anatomy Of A Kitchen Range Hood

February 23, 2016