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Shopping for a Fireplace: Diversify your Options in Material and Styles

HVACs and heaters might be the wonders of modern-day innovation, and while they do a great job at keeping the chill from invading your living space, nothing can replace the toasty- warm, and snug feeling of a good old fireplace. Over time, both the styles and materials used to make fireplaces have evolved to accommodate the 21st Century household.

In case you are shopping for a sturdy, stylish, and affordable fireplace, it helps if you brush up your knowledge regarding the same. So, here we are with a brief trivia about the different materials and styles that you can expect in a fireplace inventory.

Marble Fireplace Ideas

Marble is the most regal and sophisticated natural stone that one can come by. Whether it’s stark white or in a darker tone like black, marble fireplace ideas are a class apart and add a majestic aura to your living room. The exclusivity in a marble fabrication lies in natural veiny lines and patterns across the stone. So, one fireplace even though in the same color will always be different than the other.

There are different varieties available as well for you to choose from, such as Italian and French marble fireplace. If we talk about popularity, then Italian fireplaces are the most in-demand, but depending on the quality it might also cost substantially.

Maintenance and Cleaning tips:

Limestone Fireplaces 

Limestone is another natural stone option when shopping for fireplaces. The stone comes in a chalky white tone with a yellowish tinge and has a less dense composition compared to marble.

Limestone fireplaces look unique owing to their signature smooth texture with speckled and grainy patterns formed by the sedimentation of the fossils on the rock. If the theme of your interior space is rustic charm then limestone is the perfect choice as a fireplace material.

Maintenance and Cleaning tips:

Cast Stone Fireplace 

Cast stone, as the name suggests is faux-stone, which is a mixture of white or grey cement, and natural gravel, sand, crushed stone, along with mineral pigments that are cast into desirable shapes to mimic a natural stone fireplace. Surrounds and cast stone fireplace mantels have gained immense popularity among homeowners in recent times, owing to their versatility and affordability. If you are on a tight budget, you can always get yourself a cast stone fireplace that looks like marble/ limestone or any other desired pattern, color, or design. 

Maintenance and Cleaning tips:

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