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Let your bathrooms be filled with nothing less elegance and perfection

What goes exceptionally well with any bathroom is the luxurious setup of a well-furnished bathtub. With the renovations taking up the storm, it isn’t unusual to let the beauty and extravaganza of the various types of bathtubs, immerse one into sheer joy and spa-like experience every day. From the age-old well-loved classic monotone stone tubs to the likes of trendier and crispier bathtubs that add undeniable bling to the bathroom like the copper bathtubsthe available range of astonishing options are endless. The styles and materials for a bathtub that was considered unthinkable at some point in time, are available these days without any whatsoever hassle. From gigantic shapes and sizes to a plethora of materials, copper is a special candidate to take care of your bath time beauty regime, the possibilities are endless. Bathtubs have the uncanny ability to revamp any bathroom into the most luxurious and sophisticated space of the house.

Let’s take a moment to admire the beautiful material copper is.

When it comes to the aesthetic appeal teamed with unmatched quality, nothing beats copper. Not only durable and malleable but also what makes copper a favorable candidate is its unshakable strength, valor, and shine. Given their durability, they can last for years, making them a valuable possession that can last down generations and give out a vibe of royalty. The copper tub is also laced with a myriad of qualities, some of which are listed below:

With copper pots mostly having to be rubbed and scrubbed to keep that glaze up, it must be daunting to know, that isn’t the case with copper bathtubs. Contrary to the myth that makes us believe that copper is a hard material to maintain, it actually is of easy maintenance. Copper in its true form is almost indestructible. Stay away from the likes of rinsing or using abrasives to clean the copper tubs.

The copper slipper tubs are known to get prettier with the passage of time. Known to have the unique property of ‘living finish ‘ i.e. the ability to grow prettier with time, copper soaking tubs are definitely worth the hype.

From the gradual deepening of the color to the final richness, this property of copper is what adds an aura of aesthetic alleviation to it.

There are multiple health benefits that come with the usage of copper tubs. Being naturally bacteria-free and also known to be antimicrobial, these tubs are filled with the health-enriching benefits of copper in itself, which ensure that you have a bath full of the goodness of nature.

Copper is also known to have a therapeutic effect on joint movement and connective tissue by reduction of joint inflammation like the ones related to rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, and sports injuries. Also, there’s a lack of trace elements in the diet, the body can nourish and replenish itself by absorbing small amounts of copper while you relish in the warm bath of your flawless tub.

There’s more to bath spaces than just a bathtub:

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or just any other space, one thing that comes in real handy is the sink. A sink can be crafted from a plethora of materials. But the ones that stand out the most are the marble sinks and stone sinks. Polished to perfection, easy maintenance, indestructible, non-conductors, the list of advantages is almost endless.

It can be a challenging task when it comes to choosing a suitable bathtub or sink, that helps one to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of their bathrooms and homes. At Artisan Kraft, choose from a never-ending range of availabilities that houses anything and everything you need under the column of the home decors.

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