Ordering a custom fireplace mantel is made easy by following our quote guide. The need for a custom size ranges: from wanting a smaller or larger fireplace, having an unusually sized firebox, or set objects in the room may require an exact size.

Algorithm of action

  1. Select the model of the mantel that you would like made to your dimensions.
  2. Decide if you would like it carved from a natural stone like marble or limestone or from a man-made cast stone, precast or GFRC. Read our other blogs to help you determine which material is best for you. Both natural stone and cast stone are great options. A sale rep can help you make a selection of a mantel by helping you narrow down the style or size of one.
  3. Once the selection is made call in, email or fill out the quote request form.
  4. We will process the request and send you a proposal. Once the proposal is signed and payment is made we will begin manufacturing you mantel facing. If necessary we will provide CAD’s for approval.
  5. Lead times vary for cast stone and natural stone fireplaces. Typical lead times depend on the season, size of order, and current production schedule. Lead time are not exact and can/do change. Cast stone usually takes 3-5 weeks while marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine and other natural stones take closer to 8-15 weeks to complete.

This is a quick and simplified explanation of how to purchase a made-to-order fireplace mantel surround. Call or email us with any additional questions and our experienced sales reps will be happy to help you.