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How To Maintain and Clean Marble

You’re probably reading this because your marble or stone is already dirty or has a stain on it. That’s why this post will focus on cleaning the marble. Rather than, taking care of it. The simple task to good proper care of marble as well as other stones such as limestone and travertine is this: don’t get it dirty. Wipe it down regularly with a warm water damp cloth so dirt will not build up on it. But that doesn’t always play out with friends, family and life happening all around.

Most marbles and travertines are polished and sealed. This allows it to be cleaned quicker and easier. While there are natural stone cleaners on the market it is best to simply use water and a sponge. The chemicals in most cleaning products will eventually corrode (eat away) at the polish and eventually the stone. Limestone and sandstone are often honed and have a lightly rough or sandpaper feel to them. These too are best cleaned with water and a sponge. Well what about cast stone, precast or GFRC? These are also typically sealed and can come in a more rough texture but you guessed it, it best to use a sponge and water.

How to get rid of the black smoke/smog build up on the surround

The most common question that comes with cleaning marble or limestone fireplaces, well really any mantel, is how to get rid of the black smoke/smog build up on the surround. This is a build up of soot that occurs when using a wood burning fireplace. Carbon breaks down, the heat makes it rise oh you really don’t care about that. This just means that if you burn natural wood in your fireplace it give off smoke and some of it escapes in the front and stays on the mantel. Gas burning or prefab fireboxes, when using gas, typically do don’t have this concern. Still the concern remains if you burn wood, timber or any sort of log in your fireplace, how do you get rid of that black stain? Well, you can’t really. Everyone understands the joy and nostalgic value of burning natural wood and that just comes with the territory. Take a look at most any brick firebox that uses wood and you’ll see sure enough that there are stains on the outside of the mantel shelf. You can wipe it down after each use but you’ll probably get annoyed of doing each week. Eventually you’ll give into accepting that you’re marble mantel will not look perfectly clean forever. Plus, cleaning it after each use will probably do the same thing harmful chemicals do. Should you stop burning wood in your fireplace? Of course not. That is why you have a wood burning fireplace to enjoy the glow, smells and warmth of the fire.

If the stains are just too much for you. You can buy a stone cleaner and clean the soot buildup off. But be warned that this will slowly eat away at the stone. Taking a fine sandpaper (80-100 grit) to cast stone, precast, or GFRC or even some of the honed limestone and sandstone fireplaces will help remove some marks. Fold the sandpaper, hold it in your hand and with a light circular motion gently apply it to the mark. Be careful not to rub too long or too hard as this may smooth out an otherwise textured material.

Hopefully this helps. If it doesn’t call in with more questions. But be warned that the same answers will be given as written above. If you were sent here by one of our representatives and you still have questions… try calling again. But the answer to maintenance and care will not change. Instead call StoneTech they are a suppler of stone cleaning materials. They know a lot more then we do. While you’re on a call with them tell them we say hi. Read more of these helpful blogs on our site and don’t forget to comment, just stay positive with the comments.

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