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Furniture styles that look stunning with different fireplaces

Different people have different concepts of aesthetic homes. Some think that simple is the new sassy, whereas for others the antique charm is timeless. One element on which almost everyone can agree is a fireplace. Starting from the contemporary marble fireplace mantels to the limestone fireplaces, every fireplace has its own personality. The toughest part about having a fireplace is accessorizing it or pairing it with different accents. Especially, picking the furniture can be a bit daunting at times. If you are looking for inspiration for furniture décor in your fireplace rooms, then here is some inspiration for you.


If you have a modern cast stone fireplace then the best way to decorate the room is with warm color choices. You can select the warm color combinations of maple and walnut surfaced over furniture. Don’t hesitate from the extravagant designs and create bewitching spaces with intricately designed, traditional wood furniture.


The Mediterranean furniture designs are more detail-oriented. So if you have a stunning, intricately designed marble fireplace or anything that inspires the Victorian aura, then the perfect example is getting furniture with wood carvings present in the chairs, cabinets, and tables. With detailed fireplaces, pairing Mediterranean furniture with the assortments of different hues can look absolutely enthralling.

Shabby-chic style

If you want to create a casual and lighthearted space that is imperfectly perfect with a cast stone fireplace, then the shabby-chic fireplace is the best way to keep things humble. For this style, the worn-distressed designs with a blend of modern and vintage pieces can create the ultimate charm. Select the bright, light, and welcoming designs to create interesting visuals.


Mid-century décor is defined by clean and clutter-free elements with teak furniture. With a cast stone fireplace, you can add the touch of furniture fabrics that accommodate graphic patterns and textures. Use simple designs when it comes to carvings or furniture frames and with a few throw pillows and a minimal glass center table or coffee table you can design a mid-century space. Black marble fireplaces usually go with this typical setting, so ensure that you specifically pick this theme if you have a black marble fireplace.


The transitional style décor is based on the blend between all of the above-mentioned styles. It can decipher the striking balance or the movement of one décor style from one form to another. For example when you have a black marble fireplace, then with a stone tub you can create the illusion of luxury.


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