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Offerings in Rustic Range Hoods and their Significance

Range hoods are an essential component in modern kitchens as it keeps the space clean and hygienic. The use of French country rustic range hoods even boosts the look and appeal of the kitchen. It is a beautiful interior décor idea that comes with numerous benefits for the kitchen and the adjacent space.

Artisan Kraft Fireplaces has an exclusive kitchen range of decorative range hoods and sinks made from marble and limestone, to create an ambiance of sophistication within your home. They offer lots of varieties in material and design to suit myriad preferences.

In this particular blog, we will discuss unique properties of range hood and array of advantages, which makes it an essential inclusion to the home décor.

What is a Kitchen Range hood? 

A range hood covers what is known as a exhaust hood or vent hood. The structure is like that of a canopy just above the stove or cooktop, with a fan enclosed inside. Kitchen range hoods are meant to suck the excess heat, oil, smoke, and smell and dissipate it up and away from the room and the cooking area through the range hood duct.

While the modular kitchen uses the stainless-steel kitchen chimneys, you can go with a more aesthetic approach with range hoods made from stones.

What are the Benefits of Range Hoods?  

There is no denying that rustic or decorative range hoods beautify your kitchen, but there is more to a range hood than being just an interior décor accessory. A few of the benefits are listed below:

Comfortable Cooking

The most beneficial side of a range hood is the comfort that it provides to the cooking experience. It keeps the kitchen clean, free of odor and aids in the minimal build-up of grease around the cooking area. It prevents the house from smelling like food creating an environment of comfort.

Air Purification

A range hood extracts all the excess smoke, steam, and grease from the air. Cooking involves dissipation of all the aforementioned, inhaling which can cause damage to the health. The fan enclosed inside the range hood sucks all of that and releases it up the duct so the air inside the house remains fresh and clean.

Reduces Heat

Just like air purification, range hoods also suck away the extra heat that gets released when cooking. It keeps the temperature in the kitchen and around the cooking area normal preventing exhaustion from excess heat.

Enhancement of property Value

A good and functional range hood is an absolute necessity to improve the property value of your house. It comes in handy if you ever think of putting the house for sale. Decorative or rustic range hoods make your house look elegant, automatically boosting the market value.

Besides having an exceptional kitchen range, Artisan Kraft Fireplaces is famous for its inventory of travertine fireplace, marble and cast stone fireplace surround, decorative mantels, and an array of fireplace tools and accessories at great prices.

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