Bathrooms are definitely your retreat from worldly problems. One of the easiest ways to bejewel your bathroom with luxury is to add a suitable bathtub to it. There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a bathtub. It may be the sculptural beauty of the stone tub or the new stylish bling laced beauty of the copper tubs. The right tub can turn your everyday boring bath into the most favorite regime of your day. A peaceful bath laced with beauty and comfort topped up with spa vibes is in for a catch. A caricature of luxury and off-the-shelf style, bathtubs are definitely your pathway to gloriously soothing comfort. Chic bathtubs over time have taken over the old, hard-to-handle tubs. Bathtubs these days are even curated and crafted just to suit your necessities and style that fits in sync with your bathroom just perfectly.

Some of the most unusual tubs to load your bathroom with an essence of unique styling:

Different bathrooms demand different materials that are used in curating their sinks and tubs. From sleek and trendy popping colors to the monochromatic monolithic beauties, the materials used can vary greatly to suit the personalized bathrooms.

Stone cuts are some of the most beautiful and precisely engineered works of art. With stone tubs and stone sinks that exhibit the unhindered amount of sophistication and class, you are sure for a treat every time you decide to soak yourself in the warm fuzzy water. A natural spa pike treatment, these stone marvels can be matched up with interior designing to get the exotic dramatic feel that one wants. Timeless and beautiful, these stone cut tubs are straight out of nature’s lap. Strong and durable, stone tubs and sinks are durable and can last generations without an ounce of damage to it. Smooth and amazingly comfortable, scratching, or straining is definitely not a concern when it comes to these strong beauties.

One of the most durable and malleable materials copper is a class apart when placed as a structure of art in your bathroom. Copper slipper tubs though costly are lifetime investments. They guarantee to never wear out like the generic acrylic tubs. Added with the benefits of providing essentials to the body while soaked in for a comfortable warm bath, they also ensure that you always take bath in a bacteria-resistant surface as copper is naturally known to be resistant to a variety of microbes. With copper bathtubs reeling in more luxury than most of the other mixed metals, this is a choice that every elite bathroom should opt for.

Marble sinks are known for their unearthly beauty. With unmatched durability, these sinks are also scratch and chip-resistant. With a hue that is warm and accepting to the eyes, these sinks promise to actually last for generations.

Choosing a sink or bathtub that accentuates the bath space uplifting it with an unmatched dose of aesthetics can be a challenging task. At Artisan Kraft, all of your choices are listed within a range of tip quality and affordability so you can scroll through a variety of options and choose the one that fits your space perfectly.