Ornamental Columns, Marble Statues & Stone Fountains

Marble sculptures carved from solid natural stone. Grand stone fountains with statues. Cast stone columns made-to-order in a selection of styles.
Columns and Balusters railing marble

Artisan Kraft custom manufactures ornamental cast stone and marble including: base boards, chair rails, ornate details, arches, arch ways, roof molding. The ornamental exterior and interior accents are available. Columns add beauty to the home or garden. Our columns can be made from cast stone or marble. Click on the picture to view the ornamental gallery. Hand carved marble statues and fountains. GFRC archways and other architectural details for the exterior facade. Add distinct features to the interior and exterior of your home with marble columns. Add sculptures and fountains to you home garden. Travertine cladding for the outside of the home that can be brought inside. Cladding or wall tiles can be made from limestone and other materials .

Cast stone columns are a quick and effective way to redesign your home. Columns can be made-to-order meaning that it will fit your space perfectly. A large selection of styles means that you can find the perfect one to match your home design. Tuscan columns are the standard design and a perfect choice for any home ranging from French to contemporary. Doric cap and base are similar to Tuscan with slight differences in the cap rings. Roman Corinthian columns with fluted shaft are a decorative option.

The Temple of the Winds is a slightly less decorative version of the Roman Corinthian cap. An Attic base is a great option for both of these decorative caps. Ionic and Scamozzi cap are two decorative caps that have a scroll like design. The Iconic cap is less decorative than the Scamozzi cap and has two scrolls going to the opposite sides of the square plinth. The Scamozzi cap has more ram horn like scrolls that come out of the four corners of the square plinth.

These are traditionally the Roman order of columns. They are what is most commonly seen and used. The Tuscan and Doric are one sort. They are the more plain. The Ionic and Scamozzi are another similar sort that are more decorative. Temple of the Winds and Roman Corinthian cap are the most decorative. All of these caps can be installed with a plain shaft or a fluted shaft.

Plain and fluted column shafts are the most more common than the barrel. The barrel shaft bulges in the middle. Shafts or the main central part of the column can be made tapered or non-tapered. This comes down to preference. Same as choosing a Tuscan cap or a decorative Roman Corinthian cap.

Browse our ornamental galleries for decorative trim ideas to start your project. We ship all over the US including providing installation for IL Chicago Illinois, IN cast stone Indiana, Ohio marble Ohio. Beautiful marble fireplace mantels in Victorian style ny and sc nc. Remember to visit our copper bathtubs page. There you will find a beautiful copper bathtubs. They are freestanding soaking tubs that come with a pedestal or clawfoot. The finish is either smooth or hammered. Click here to view Hammer Copper Kitchen Sinks.